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Real Estate: Still the Same Business

Why is Ben Stapley the right agent for you

The answer is simple: Value, Honesty, & Experience.
-My value is representing the clients' best interests in the short and long term.
-Honesty includes providing full disclosure, facts, and expectations as opposed to manipulation and fairy tales. 
-Experience is not necessarily defined by who's been around the longest, doing the same thing; Experience is what you've seen, lost, learned, failed at trying, and succeeded at doing. Applying all of those lessons towards improvement is what makes experience valuable.
The Good, the Bad, and Lessons Learned 
At a young age, I saw the impact real estate has on a local and national economy. I've seen 'ordinary' people obtain incredible wealth through real estate. I've also seen life turned upside down and lost through real estate misfortune.  I've observed greed, selfishness, and blatant dishonesty, but I've also seen the best of human nature--up close and personal.  I've been more fortunate to work for and learn from some of these people. 
I've had to participate in evictions and inform homeowners they longer homeowners.  I've seen heartbreak and prosperity unfold simultaneously; and sometimes one resulted in the other...and vice versa.  All of these experiences have tight me gratitude for my good fortune in life.  I've also noticed that successful and happy people are not defined by the prosperity or heartbreak; they deal with either circumstance by continuing to work hard and getting better all the time. 
Conclusion: Real Estate is Still the Same 
I've learned that honesty and integrity will always last. It's never been more true for Real Estate Consumers than now.  Like an Attorney, a Real Estate Agent is still the ONLY piece of a transaction that is representing your best interests 100%    Even though technology has given consumers more platforms, visual access, and 'easier' methods of selling or buying; it still doesn't mean it's in the best interest of any client consumer.  Technology has given us quicker access. But technology hasn't disrupted the industry.
Yes, anyone can sell their home quickly with a few clicks of a button.  They're still losing up to 30% of their equity.  Consumers can sell on their own and list on public websites, but with legal risks, a depleted target market, as well as giving up privacy, contact information, and becoming a pawn for advertisers.
All of my experience has enabled me to see through the smoke and hear through the noise a little more clearly.  For all of this, I'm quite grateful.  
To learn more about home I can help you with your next real estate transaction, please tell me a little bit more about your specific needs.